Our Program

College Counseling

Access Academies serves our students in three critical areas:

1. Counseling

The Access Academies Graduate Support Program helps students transition to — and persist in — their next level of education by ensuring their critical academic, social, financial, and emotional needs are met. For students on a successful trajectory, the Graduate Support Director provides an extra push to overcome obstacles and reach personal and professional goals. For graduates who struggle, the Graduate Support Director is an always-present lifeline to advocate for their best interest and get them back on track.

2. Enrichment

Access partners with urban, values-based middle schools to extend the school day and academic calendar year. All students attending our partner middle schools are enrolled in Academy enrichment programs designed to prepare them for success in the rigorous academic environments of high school and college, as well as teach them how to be leaders in their communities. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, the Access Academy program is offered at no cost to students and schools.

Currently, our four middle school Academy programs collectively provide over 80 enrichment programs in the areas of:

  • Academic Development
  • S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics)
  • Career Development (Access Academies Young Professionals Program)
  • Leadership, Character, and Health  Education
  • The Arts (Performing, Fine, and Practical)

3. Scholarships

Access financially supports its students in three important ways.

High School Tuition Scholarships
Access provides tuition assistance to one of our partner private, college-prep high schools.

Work-Study Scholarships
Through the ‘Give Back Work-Study Program,’ our high school and college students tutor Academy students at their former middle schools. Half of their earnings are directed to cover tuition costs. This past fiscal year, 25 high school and college students logged 3,231 work hours tutoring and/or mentoring younger students. 

Post-Secondary Preparation
Access covers all costs related to ACT preparation and testing, as well as costs for college applications and college visits/road trips.