Our Vision, Mission, and Values

Our Vision

Access envisions a vibrant St. Louis community where equity in education allows every child to think, dream, and achieve big.

Our Mission

Access propels middle school students who have been historically underserved through high school and on to college and career success with enrichment, counseling, and scholarships.

Our Values

We are committed to…

Bolstering Equity in Education

  • We supplement our partner middle schools’ curricula with academic, arts, leadership, and character development through extended school day and summer programs
  • We fund scholarships to area private, college-prep high schools, colleges, and post-secondary programs
  • We believe in the value of higher education and mentor our students in and through their college and post-secondary program
  • We employ actionable data for continuous improvement, innovation, and informed decision-making

Focusing on Individual Student Needs

  • We build solid, long-term relationships with each student and their family and network, assisting and advocating for each based on individual needs
  • We support the development of the whole child— academic, social, emotional, physical, and spiritual

Strengthening Our Community

  • We serve in neighborhood schools and the communities in which they are located
  • We celebrate the diversity of our students and the mutual value of their inclusion within area high schools and colleges
  • We believe that every child in the schools we serve deserves opportunities, and we accept all students into our program

Collaborating With Like-Minded Organizations

    • For the betterment of underserved youth in our region, we cultivate strong partnerships with educators in middle schools, high schools, and colleges and post-secondary institutions
    • We partner with our individual donors, corporations, foundations, and supporters, committing to be the utmost stewards of their gifts