Student Spotlight: Miguel A.

We are excited to recognize Miguel A. for our Access Academies Student Spotlight program!

Grade: 7th grade

Current Homeroom Teacher: Ms. Vogt

Favorite Teacher and Why: Miguel has been thankful for all of his teachers because “they all support me and never let me down.” Specifically, when Miguel was going to give up on reading, his teachers were very encouraging and helped him believe that he was smart and could do it.

Favorite Subject and Why: Math & English/Language Arts
“Math because it is easy. ELA because I get to learn difficult words, which can help me in life.”

Current Academy Programs: Printmaking, Team Sports, and Photography

Favorite Academy Program and Why: Photography because he enjoys the opportunity to take lots of pictures.

Hobbies: Baseball and Soccer

What are you Looking Forward To and Why: “Having good grades and reading more. I am reading ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.’”

Prospective High Schools: Vianney

Career Aspirations: “I would like to be an Engineer because it requires a lot of Math, and I like Math.”