Student Spotlight: Michelle M.

We are excited to recognize Michelle M. for our Access Academies Student Spotlight program!

A student in the sixth grade, Michelle was nominated for her excellent work ethic. According to her teachers, Michelle is “focused, attentive, kind, and a pleasure to have in class.”

Favorite Memory: Making friends with her classmates.

Favorite Subject and Why: Math
“My mom taught me math when I was younger. I think it is fun.”

Current Academy Programs: Robotics, Photography, Improv, Team Sports, Lab, and Study Hall.

Favorite Academy Program and Why: Robotics
“I think Robotics is fun. Right now we are learning how to program our robot to do different moves. For example, one wheel turns while the other stays still.”  

What are you Looking Forward To and Why: “I am looking forward to learning more in science. We are studying light and color now.”

Role Model:My mom because she is a strong and independent woman. She doesn’t give up easily.”

Career Aspirations: Something in Math or Science