Student Spotlight: Jamari G.

We are excited to recognize Jamari G. for our Access Academies Student Spotlight program!

A student in the sixth grade, Jamari earned the award for being “respectful, motivated, and a team leader.”

Grade: 6th

Jamari has been a student at SLK since 2nd grade!

Favorite Subjects: Math & Language Arts

Jamari has liked Math since the first grade and helps his mom with Math. He looks forward to learning how to simplify fractions. He also likes Language Arts because he enjoys writing and hopes to keep writing when he grows up. His favorite book is “Watsons Go to Birmingham,” a historical fiction novel.

Current Academy Programs: Man Up, Robotics, Media Literacy, Study Hall, College & Career, Design, and Music History

Favorite Academy Programs: Man Up and Media Literacy

Jamari likes Man Up because his teacher prepares him for life as an adult. The program also teaches students how to be respectful and the importance of loyalty. He also enjoys Media Literacy because they write and create small movies. His most recent project was a short movie where Jamari played football, but was injured and out for two seasons. After hard work, Jamari was able to come back and win the championship game.

Favorite Memory: “In 4th grade, we were working on an activity, and I remember laughing a lot. It was lots of fun.”

Career Aspirations: NBA player, business owner, or author.