Student Spotlight: Davion F.

Davion F. has worked very hard this year and impresses his teachers daily with his focus on homework and in-class assignments. As a result, we are excited to recognize Davion for our Access Academies Student Spotlight program!

Grade: 8th

Current Homeroom Teacher: Miss. Bradshaw

Favorite Teacher and Why: My 4th-grade teacher, Ms. Spencer, because she made everything fun. I remember she put a smile on the kids’ faces every day. She made jokes, her experiments were fun, and I liked her writing style.

Favorite Subject and Why: Math because it never gets boring and is important for my future.

Current Academy Programs: Study Hall, Basketball, Character Ed., Violin, and Business

Favorite Academy Program and Why: Business
We have only been in class for a couple of weeks, but I have already learned a lot.

Hobbies: Davion takes great pride in supporting his family by cleaning and helping around the house. He also enjoys playing basketball with his friends.

Prospective High Schools: Lutheran North or Cardinal Ritter

Prospective Colleges: Davion would like to move out of town for college.

Career Aspirations: Davion would like to be a professional basketball player. However, if that doesn’t work out, then he would like to become a fireman.

Role Model(s) and Why: Davion takes inspiration from a variety of people. First and foremost, his Grandma because she cares about him and makes him laugh. “She knows what I need and what I can do. She is the key to my future,” he said.

Second is Michael Jordan because “he was one of the best basketball players in history and now owns a team.” For Davion, this proves learning math and managing your money is very important to his future.
Third, is Kobe Bryant because “he never gives up” and Davion enjoys watching him play.