Student Spotlight: Alexis C.

We are excited to recognize Alexis C. for our Access Academies Student Spotlight program!

Alexis was nominated by Mrs. Hunsaker, who stated “Alexis demonstrates diligence and focus on her academics. She is considerate of others and practices virtues daily.”

Grade: 8th

Alexis arrived at MHT in the summer of 2015, after her mom had passed. She was very nervous, but settled in quickly, made lots of friends, and is doing very well thanks to the support she has received at MHT.

Favorite Subject: Alexis originally liked American History, but it has since been replaced by Writing Lab. She is especially proud of a recent grade she received on a writing prompt after turning in four pages.

Alexis also notes that she has worked very hard on her grades, improving her scores from last year, because she wants to attend Bishop DuBourg. “High schools are looking at our grades, and I want to get into a high school where I won’t fit in,” she adds.

Favorite Academy Program: “The Love Project”

“I like the Love Project because we affirm ourselves every time we go into the class. I affirm myself every morning when I wake up. It gives you confidence.”

Hobbies: Singing, listening to music, and Majorette dancing. Her favorite song is “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran, which she used to sing to her mom before she passed. She is also thinking about playing basketball and running track at Bishop DuBourg.

Why Bishop DuBourg: “I like the way the classes are set and how everyone knows everyone. They are playful but help people in classes. They explain and don’t leave you confused. I am looking forward to meeting all the teachers before I go.”

Career Aspirations: “I want to write and sing. I have a lot of notebooks – all composition notebooks. It is funny, sometimes I look back and think ‘what was I thinking when I wrote that?’”

We enjoyed our interview with Alexis, who believes in herself and is a strong and confident young woman. She draws inspiration from her mom, who used to say “Be your own team, and what who you hang around.”