Student of Achievement: Ramon A.

We are thrilled to recognize Ramon A., a seventh-grader at St. Cecilia School & Academy, as a Student of Achievement!

According to Mr. David Hackett, Ramon’s Graduate Support Counselor, said, “as a student, Ramon is the definition of a hard worker; he is bright and dedicated to learning. This semester Ramon put in the effort to get great grades in all his classes. Ramon also excelled as a runner in track this semester!”

Congratulations, Ramon, and keep up the good work!


Favorite Teacher: Ms. Elise Earley. She is strict but fun, and she pushes us to our limits and helps us rise up to meet expectations.

Current Academy Programs: Harmonica, Service, Leadership, Debate, Young Professionals, and Study Hall.

Most Helpful Academy Program: Service because it teaches you to get along with other people.  I like helping other kids and inspiring them to do better.

Prospective High Schools: I don’t know yet, but am considering SLUH, Vianney, or St. Mary’s.

Prospective Career: Ms. Earley inspired me to become a Mathematician.

Role Model: Drew Brees. He founded the Brees Dream Foundation in 2003 to improve the quality of life for cancer patients and provide care, education, and opportunities for children and families in need. Also through the foundation, Brees became actively involved in Hurricane Katrina recovery and in 2007 announced a partnership with Operation Kids in an attempt to rebuild and recreate academic facilities as well as parks, playgrounds, athletic centers, after-school and mentoring programs.