Student of Achievement: Joachim F.

Access Academies is thrilled to recognize Joachim F., an eighth-grader at St. Louis Catholic Academy, as a Student of Achievement!

According to Ms. Joslyn Sandford, Joachim’s Graduate Support Director, he “definitely marches to his own beat and isn’t afraid to try new things. He is open to accepting any challenges especially if it’s to better himself. He takes the initiative to motivate his class to be the leaders of the school.”

A student at the school since 5th grade, Joachim is a talented artist and is very interested in animation. He aspires to become a game designer, graphic artist or an author of comic books.


Current Homeroom Teacher: Mr. Peter Jones

Favorite Teacher: One of the best teachers I have ever had is Miss. McBride, my preschool teacher.

Favorite Subject: Language Arts, because I like reading. I just finished reading Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods.

Current Academy Programs: Young Professionals, 4H Leadership, Robotics, Man Up, and High School Prep.

Favorite Academy Program: I like High School Prep because I like being prepared and it is helping us get ready for high school. Last semester I had to choose three of my favorite high schools and share what I liked about the high schools and why I felt they would be good choices for me.

Fondest Memory of School (So Far): Recently, my classmates and I went on a retreat and met the REAP Team. It was a lot of fun. We watched skits, did group activities, and talked about real-life situations.

What are you looking Forward To: I run the short distance and am looking forward to joining the track team in high school.

Prospective High Schools: I am hoping to attend John Burroughs, Chaminade, or Ladue High Schools.

Role Model: My dad is my role model because every time I do wrong he teaches me right.  He is always there for me.