St. Cecilia 8th Graders Headed to Top Catholic High Schools

Congratulations to the 8th-grade class at St. Cecilia School & Academy for being accepted to some of St. Louis’ top Catholic high schools. This fall, 25 graduates will start the ninth grade at one of eight college-preparatory schools, including Notre Dame, St. John Vianney, and Cor Jesu. It’s always bittersweet to see them go, but Access Graduate Support will continue guiding these students through high school and beyond.

Good luck to…

Alexander A. – St. Mary’s
Alexandra G. – Rosati-Kain
Anastasia M. – Notre Dame
Annie H. – Cor Jesu
Brandon L. – St. Mary’s
Christopher Y. – St. Mary’s
Danielle E. – Rosati-Kain
Dior H. – Incarnate Word
Eduardo D. – St. Mary’s
Erick P. – St. John Vianney
Estefani H. – St. Joseph’s
Ethan L. – St. Mary’s
Ethan P. – St. Mary’s
Evolet R. – Rosati-Kain
Gaby G. – St. Mary’s
Janiya M. – Cardinal Ritter
Julissa J. – Notre Dame
Kasey K. – Pending
Kevin L. – St. John Vianney
Leo M. – St. Mary’s
Madix B. – St. Mary’s
Marlene G. – Cor Jesu
Nery C. -St. Mary’s
Winona M. – Rosati-Kain
Yareli M. – St. Joseph’s