St. Cecilia 7th Graders Plan Epic Day of Service

Talk about going above and beyond. To celebrate Catholic Schools Week this year, St. Cecilia School & Academy 7th graders Marlene G, Danielle E, Alexandra G, Winona M, Yareli M, Evolet R, and Annie N. spent over two months planning and organizing a day of service designed to get their classmates out into the community. 

With their leadership and initiative, Academy students visited two nursing homes, prayed at and cleaned up a cemetery, helped out at St. Patrick Center, wrote letters to prisoners, washed tables in preparation for Fish Fry season, and cleaned up elderly parishioners’ yards. Yes, all in one day!

As if that wasn’t enough, they also planned, designed, and ran the Mission Carnival Fundraiser for kindergarten through 5th grade. This took countless hours during their lunch, recess, and study halls to create. With the money raised, the group unanimously voted to donate it to the Clean Ocean Project, which hopes to clean up 50-percent of the Pacific Ocean’s garbage in five years. 

These girls think big, plan thoughtfully, and live compassionately.