Harness the ‘Power of $20’

For some of us, $20 is a couple of trips to Starbucks, a lunch date with a friend, or a bouquet of fresh flowers for the house. But at Access, $20 allows our staff to dream big with our students and families. We recently launched the POWER of $20, our new sustained giving program, and we invite you and your friends to donate a recurring gift of $20 each month to Access Academies. By giving monthly, you can help sustain our programs, scholarships, and students all year long  and help create a more equitable St. Louis in the process.

To enroll in the Power of $20, simply select “Make this a monthly recurring donation” when completing the online donation form here.


Because of the education I have received through Access and Bishop DuBourg High School, I have applied and been accepted to 49 colleges, 39 of which gave me extensive and prestigious scholarships. As a result, I have around $2.9 million dollars in college scholarships.
Aaron Tucker (Bishop DuBourg '17, Saint Louis the King '13)JuniorMissouri University of Science and Technology