Meet the Team: Carolyn Dubuque, Director of Mission Effectiveness

When the late John Vatterott founded Access Academies in 2005, he hired Carolyn Dubuque early in the process ⏤ she was employee number three. It proved to be a farsighted decision by Vatterott. Almost twenty years later, Carolyn continues to guide Access Academies’ programming as the Director of Mission Effectiveness. And while technically employee number three, she’s advocate number one for our students. “Seeing our students, who I first meet when they are in middle school, grow up and go to high school and then to college,” says Dubuque, “that’s what I love most about my job.” Carolyn also plays guitar at church, enjoys spending time with her niece and nephews, and, fun fact: once worked on her neighbor’s dairy farm! To learn more about Carolyn, you can read her brief Q&A above.