Graduate Testimonial: Kyra Harris

My name is Kyra Harris, and I am a 2011 graduate of Most Holy Trinity School and Academy, a 2015 graduate of Rosati-Kain High School, and a future 2019 graduate of Avila University.

There are people who doubt the power of inner-city schools, and the minority students who attend those schools, but with the help of Access Academies, those people are proven wrong. Most Holy Trinity has been a part of my life since I was 7 years old. There I learned how to play the violin, ballroom dance, speak French, and built a strong academic foundation that has gotten me this far.

During my 8th grade year, my teachers and graduate support director asked us where do we want to go to high school and why? I told them Rosati-Kain was my first choice because I wanted to go to a good high school so I could get into a good college. With the support of my family, Holy Trinity, and Access Academies, I was accepted to my first-choice high school.

At Rosati, I played the violin all four years for the school’s Performing Ensemble, a skill I learned in the 2nd grade at Most Holy Trinity. During my time at Rosati, Mr. Nick, the graduate support director from Most Holy Trinity, would come and visit me to make sure my grades weren’t slipping. One time I had a C in one of my classes and he gave me that look and said, “I see you have a C here” and all I could do was look at him and go “yeahhhhhh” (lol). But he told me that if I was having trouble with the class he could help me find tutors and resources. I think it’s pretty cool that he made sure I was doing my best in school. It’s a beautiful thing that Access Academies helps get students through some of the best Catholic high schools in St. Louis.

After I was accepted to college, Mr. Nick asked me if I had the things I needed to start the semester. Through his support, and Access Academies, I was able to purchase some of my books for school. And don’t let anyone fool you, books are VERY expensive (lol)! But even now, Mr. Nick calls me and asks me how school is going and if I need anything. When I told him I was having a little trouble with my tuition and needed help, he offered me a spot with Access’s work-study program.

I’ve been a part of the work-study program for about a year now. Last summer, I worked at Holy Trinity’s summer school for the 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. It was so cool to see some of the kids who had gone there while I was going there. Each work-study participant had a different responsibility. Mine was to oversee the reading portion of the kids’ day and to make sure the work-study participants signed in and out. I also worked at Holy Trinity over my Christmas break while I was home from school. One of the best parts of going back to MHT is being able to see all the people and families I’ve known from when I went there and watch my school grow and flourish.

God-willing, in 2019 I will graduate with my Bachelor’s in the Science of Nursing. I chose nursing as my major because I believe it has a lot to do with medicine and health and more to do with how you make someone feel in their time of need. I’m kind of a people pleaser—I like to see people happy and I hope I can engage this part of my personality into my career.
I think I am a pretty driven person but my mom has definitely given me the extra push and occasionally the shoulder to cry on when needed. I wouldn’t have gotten this far without her and she has definitely inspired my career goals. There isn’t a day when she has told me I couldn’t reach my goals and be what I wanted to be.

After I get my BSN, my plan is to work at a hospital in the emergency room, labor and delivery unit, or the neonatal intensive care unit. In the near future, I plan to get my Doctorate of Nursing Practice. I hope that within my career I can help bridge some of the gaps between nurses and physicians while giving my patients the best care I know how to, physically, mentally, and emotionally. I also want all the little girls and boys that walk the halls of Most Holy Trinity to know that they have the power within themselves to be whatever they want.

Through the support of people like you, I have been able to accomplish so much and I plan on accomplishing much more. So, with my sincerest gratitude, I would like to thank God, my family, Most Holy Trinity, and Access Academies for helping me through my journey and continuing to support me. Thank you all.