Graduate of Achievement: Kendall M.H.

We are thrilled to recognize Kendall M.H., an alumna of Lutheran North, as a Graduate of Achievement!

“Kendall is everything Access embodies and takes full advantage of all the programs Access offers. She graduated high school early due to her focus on academics. She is all about service and helping the younger students succeed at the high school level,” said Nick McDowell, her Graduate Support Director.


Favorite Teacher: My former teacher, Mrs. Dixon, because she helped my passion for poetry flow out of me. I took her Creative Writing class and learned how to write poems. I enjoyed it so much it became a creative outlet for me to express my feelings. I also remember the day I found out my brother-in-law passed away and she hugged me. I never thought a teacher would show such compassion. She truly cared for me and wanted the best for me.

Favorite Subject: Math because it comes easily to me. I remember in fourth grade going up against the smartest kid in my class and beating the student at multiplication. I also love English. Over the summer we were required to read “The Hate U Give” and when we returned to school we had to write a paper about it. I felt like I was meant to write the paper.

Favorite Academy Program: Mr. Cherry at Most Holy Trinity had us work on advanced Math problems often so we were ahead and high school was easier.

Fondest Memory of School: The day I shadowed Most Holy Trinity Catholic School & Academy. They were trying to put together a Step Team and had everyone standing in line to practice. Donavan was trying to get us all together to learn and I remember having fun and feeling welcome.

Hobbies: I work at the Missouri History Museum and research, write, and perform plays on Saturdays. Currently, we are researching more scenes to add to our current play “Teens Make History.”

Prospective College: I would like to attend Fontbonne University. Recently, Access hosted a campus visit, and I was able to talk with the admissions office.  I would like to double major in business and early childhood education with a double minor in mathematics and communication arts.

Career Aspirations: I would like to become an early childhood educator. I also have dreams of becoming an entrepreneur and public speaker. I met and talked with Tony Thompson, who inspired me to go for it.

Role Model: My older sister, Siane, is my role model. Over the past two years, she has lost two people but continues to persevere. She uses the pain to move forward and get done what needs to be done and shows me what a strong woman should be.