Board Spotlight: Brian Day

Brian Day

Brian Day has always valued his Jesuit school education. A 1998 graduate of De Smet High School in Creve Coeur, he credits the teachers and environment, as much as the rigorous academics, with shaping the person he is today. “The culture pushed you to do more,” says Day, who went on to graduate from Truman State University, “to learn how to invest your time and energy, and to do the hard work necessary to find success.” 

The desire to give today’s students the same opportunities is what inspired the 40-year-old Day to join the Access Board. “There’s no reason why a willing and capable student shouldn’t have access to the same experience, education, and culture that I did,” says Brian, who has three children — Abigail, William, and Patrick — with his wife Rachael. “Access Academies is about giving students an opportunity to invest in themselves and succeed.” 

A 17-year veteran of Mercy Health System, Brian is the Vice President of Financial Planning and the Deputy Treasurer. He oversees revenue forecasting and capital and long-range financial planning. On the Access Board of Directors, he serves as Chair of the Finance Committee and views the rising cost of education, both in high school and college, as the biggest challenge the organization faces in the coming years. 

“It’s important to identify the needs of our students so that we can put them in a position to succeed over the long term,” Day says. “I’m especially excited about the new investments we are making to help our students succeed beyond high school.”