Access Unveils New College Scholarship

In 2018, we launched our College & Career Success Initiative, expanding our formal counseling, mentoring, and support for each student from seven to 11+ years. This fall, we’re building on that commitment by adding a scholarship to the program.

Aimed at helping our students achieve their degree, license, or credential on time and with less debt (borrowing no more than $9,500 per year), the new College & Career Scholarship provides up to $3,500 per student enrolled in a 4-year program, or $250 per semester (up to 12) plus a $500 final loan payment.

Students can apply for the scholarship in their senior year of high school and are required to complete a series of tasks each semester to remain eligible, from completing the FAFSA and maintaining a minimum GPA, to more career-oriented requirements like conducting an informational interview and holding a part-time job.

We are confident that by rewarding these important steps, our students will continue on their path to college graduation and career success.