8th Graders Build Confidence With Mock Interviews

The benefits of mock interviews are many. Not only do they help refine communication skills, build confidence, and reduce anxiety, but practice interviewing also offers an opportunity to receive constructive feedback and learn how to navigate difficult questions. According to one study, three to four hours of mock interview prep can significantly improve a person’s chance of landing a job. Or, in the case of our 8th graders, getting into their best-fit high school. This is why, as part of our ‘High School Prep’ enrichment program, Access 8th graders participate in mock interviews every fall. Last semester, students did a fantastic job fielding questions from our Graduate Support team and Access board members Nikki Doughty, Brianna Tobias, and Ronnie Weiss, and we can’t wait to see how their practice pays off as the high school acceptance letters roll in.

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