10 for 10!

ST. LOUIS — St. Louis the King at the Cathedral School has only ten eighth grade students, but these students are focused on learning. As a result, all ten students have been accepted to some of the most coveted college preparatory high schools St. Louis has to offer, with nine out of the ten receiving scholarships to attend private institutions.

“Our kids understand that focused, hard work will get them to where they want to be in life,” said Donna Garcia, principal.

Supported by Access Academies and the Archdiocese of St. Louis, St. Louis the King at the Cathedral School is a Catholic, K-8 school that serves 157 students. A unique feature of the school is the implementation of the NativityMiguel model of education in the eighth grade.

The NativityMiguel model of education extends the school day and the school year to ensure that the students are academically and emotionally prepared for their futures. This includes, tutoring, mentoring, service projects, character development, and setting goals that include high school, college and career planning.

“The NativityMiguel model of education enriches students by tracking the growth and achievements of students through high school and college,” said Garcia.

Jamarion Johnson, an eighth grade student who received an academic scholarship to Chaminade College Preparatory School where he will be taking courses in the fall, is a huge supporter of the NativityMiguel model of education and appreciates the support he has received from Ms. Joslyn Sandford, the school’s Director of Grad Support.

“She is always there for us. We work on homework, look at high schools, and plan our futures. It was eye-opening to see how many credits are needed, the general courses that are required, the cost of tuition, and the financial aid process one has to navigate when considering a college,” said Johnson.

Another component of the NativityMiguel program is developing and effectively executing a service project, and Jamarion Johnson is incredibly proud of the eighth grade’s Above and Beyond program which tutors first through fourth grade students every Wednesday.

“Originally, we developed the idea to tutor struggling students in the different subjects; however, we developed a great bond with them and now check up on them outside of the program. We are there if they need help, even if it is just to talk or take a walk. I think I will miss that the most,” said Johnson.

Because of the success of the NativityMiguel model of education, St. Louis the King School will be expanding the program to include all students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades for the 2013-14 school year.


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